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a destination with different personalities
One of the best and most distinct features about Jamaica is its diversity in many facets. As you step out and explore, perhaps cycling down coastal roads dotted with beach bars or driving past small villages in the winding roads of the Blue Mountains, you’ll see the distinct personalities of each neighbourhood and region emerge. Plus, all these different personalities are easy to explore as you can take advantage of numerous Sunwing Experiences that can be booked online or through the Sunwing App. MORE


An adventurer's playground
The beautiful island of Jamaica offers a fusion landscape that combines the best of several different worlds—from the verdant and mist-covered Blue Mountains to white-sand beaches and roadside jerk stands accompanied by a soundtrack of Reggae. Families, groups of friends and couples will all find activities to make their trip to Jamaica the best vacation ever. And when guests book with Sunwing, they can be sure that any excursions will be well organized, safe and a truly fulfilling experience.  MORE


With warm and engaging locals and a range of activities from riding horses across the beach, to ziplining across a lush jungle, or even just building castles in the soft sand at one of the island’s many family-friendly resorts, there are plenty of reasons to recommend Jamaica for a magical family vacation. Plus, Sunwing offers the largest selection of top-rated, family-friendly, TripAdvisor recommended properties that include exclusive perks such as Kids Stay, Play and Eat FREE deals, no single parent supplement fees, and more.  MORE