Archaeologists scour Woodstock concert field

20 JUN 2018:  This Friday we go back to 1969, but first let’s look at archaeologists who scoured the grassy hillside famously trampled during the Woodstock music festival carefully sifted through the dirt from a time of peace, love, protest and good vibes. Perhaps they would find an old peace symbol? Or a strand of hippie beads? Or Jimi Hendrix's guitar pick? For our music video we’ve chosen Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane

Tens of thousands join Indian leader for world yoga day

22 JUN 2018: Some 50,000 people gathered with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Himalayan foothills to salute the power of yoga. Modi, an ardent Hindu nationalist, travelled to the hill town of Dehradun for the fourth International Day of Yoga, and shortly after sunrise was doing yoga exercises with about 50,000 people.

Orlando International Airport to scan faces of US citizens

22 JUN 2018: Florida's busiest airport is becoming the first in the nation to require a face scan of passengers on all arriving and departing international flights, including US citizens. The expected announcement Thursday at MCO alarms some privacy advocates who say there are no formal rules in place for handling data gleaned from the scans, nor formal guidelines on what should happen if a passenger is wrongly prevented from boarding.

Melania Trump sends a message

22 JUN 2018: Before you start the emails advising me that this is not a travel story - I know it isn’t. What it is however is a human interest story – or more accurately – a lack of human thought or caring story. A story that can make you weep, or puke, or throw things at how freaking tone deaf people at the White House are. Melania Trump wore a jacket that read “I really don't care, do u?” as she boarded a flight Thursday to go and visit a facility housing migrant children who have been separated from their parents.


15 JUN 2018: A young visitor to Alaska describes what makes Alaska such an extraordinary destination. Bears, glaciers and wonderful sights up close. A different perspective.


15 JUN 2018: From an iceberg to human error, a confluence of factors led to the sinking of the "unsinkable" RMS Titanic. Learn about the series of events leading up to the disaster, the laws that followed, and the discovery of the wreckage nearly 75 years later. It’s not Kate and Leo but it is the real thing.

Hudson Yards bolsters new look New York

15 JUN 2018: Next year is being forecast to be nothing less than a “monumental year” by New York City tourism officials. And while hyperbole is often part and parcel of tourism promotion in the industry, NYC & Company president and CEO, Fred Dixon, clearly won’t be pulling a Pinocchio as the Big Apple is set to welcome truly massive new developments in the city, not the least of which is Hudson Yards – the largest private real estate development in US history.


08 JUN 2018: This Friday we have an old video (late eighties) of a Sting favourite which was inspired by Quentin Crisp, an eccentric Englishman who was flamboyantly ‘out’ before ‘out’ was ‘in’. What’s really right about the video however, is the very ‘New Yorkness’ of it. It evokes afternoons spent walking around city neighbourhoods. The feel is right, the mood is right, the music is spot on – especially that sax.


The Boiling River of the Amazon

08 JUN 2018: When Andres Ruzo was a boy, his grandfather would tell him tales of a mythical city of gold deep in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. Though never believing the stories to be true, the legend of the lost city stuck with him into adulthood. Years later, as a geothermal scientist, Ruzo decided to investigate. To his surprise, he discovered an incredulous river deep in the Amazon, with water hot enough to kill a human.


08 JUN 2018: Two hours off the coast of Colombia is a small island home to over 1,200 people. As the entirety of Santa Cruz del Islote only spans the length of two soccer fields, residents live in close quarters, making the island four times as dense as the borough of Manhattan. Despite the circumstances, the community makes the most of their limited surface area, packing in a school, two shops and one restaurant.


08 JUN 2018: Every day, Kim Ok Ja dons a wetsuit and snorkel, grabs a fishing spear and a net, and dives into the Pacific Ocean to hunt for conch and sea life that her family can eat or sell. She is 78 years old and shows no sign of slowing down. Based on the Korean island of Jeju, she is one of a dwindling group of women divers known as a “Haenyeo.”


China Builds Fake Paris, London and Jackson Hole

08 JUN 2018: China has built a series of replica cities based on iconic world destinations. Tianducheng, or "Sky Capital City," is a real estate development modeled after Paris, complete with its own Eiffel Tower. You can also visit London (complete with Tower Bridge and Churchill statue) English villages and a Chinese version of Venice. Problem is, the ersatz cities are not proving to be hugely popular.



01 JUN 2018: For our Friday music video - a bit of a reminiscence for the many travel professionals visiting IPW last week. Holiday travellers at Denver International Airport were surprised and entertained when a flash mob broke out in Jeppesen Terminal.

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and 737 MAX 9 in dramatic display

01 JUN 2018: Having visited the Boeing factory last week, I was fascinated by this real video of a Boeing 737 MAX 9 and 787-10 Dreamliner being flown by the company’s test pilots. No CG effects were used in any of the footage. Video was captured mostly from a chase plane and helicopter as the newest airplanes flew together for the first time over beautiful Washington State.


01 JUN 2018: It’s all luxury and glamour for the owners and their guests, but what is life really like for the young people serving billionaires in the sun? The UK Guardian was granted exclusive access to some of the latest superyachts in Monaco.

Construction of the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City

01 JUN 2018: The warm days of summer are (almost) upon us, so to cool off here’s a look at a 2017 video of the construction of the Hôtel de Glace! Discover the art, expertise and most importantly all the passion of the team behind this ephemeral work of art. Check out the super slide and the Ice Bar serving cocktails in sparkling glasses made of ice.

The sounds of Barbados

25 MAY 2018: Long before Rihanna, the Merrymen created the sound that was Barbados. With a career spanning five decades, dating back to the early-1960s - anyone who visited Barbados (and danced at the Pepperpot) back in the day, has to be a fan. At their height the Merrymen were popular not just throughout the Caribbean, they toured globally and managed to reach the number one spot on the charts of several European countries.

Living the life

25 MAY 2018:  An estimated 27.2 million people are expected to take cruises this year and while the UK Express reported that the average age of a cruise ship passenger globally is 46, the lowest age seen in 20 years, but a good number of cruise passengers are still those aging boomers many of whom have retired.

Where airplanes go

25 MAY 2018: If you've ever travelled from Phoenix to Tucson you may have seen them, hundreds of airplanes sitting out in the desert. They are all at a huge facility called Marana Aerospace, which is the world's largest aircraft storage, maintenance, paint, and teardown facility.

Isolated and secluded.

10- Red Cottage – This beautiful isolated house sits on an island aptly named Just Room Enough Island. Part of the Thousand Islands chain of islands in Canada, Just Room Enough was bought in 1950s by the Sizeland family who wanted a unique place to build a holiday home. They built their house with the walls just reaching to the edge of the island and gave the island its special name. The plan backfired on the family who were looking to find a quiet retreat, and instead had to deal with tourists and sightseers stopping by to take a look at their unusual home.

Definitely not for tourists

25 MAY 2018:  North Sentinel island in the Indian Ocean, is considered to be one of the most dangerous and hardest place to visit on the planet. The place is so dangerous that the Indian government has actually banned its people from going within three miles of the island. Why? Well the indigenous people who live there – the Sentinelese attack anyone who attempts to set foot on it. 

A new video by Childish Gambino must be seen

18 MAY 2018:  Donald Glover whom you may know from both his series "Atlanta" and his role as young Lando Calrissian in the forthcoming "Solo: A Star Wars Story," recently hosted "Saturday Night Live" has released a video under his ‘Childish Gambino’ musical alter ego and it is causing a great deal of comment.


22-year old David Geaney from Ireland swapped working in his family pub for tap dancing for the Judges at Britain’s Got Talent last summer. Bringing with him some impressive holograms - Geaney is joined by himself on stage!


At the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East, in pocket of lush green landscapes you’ll find something very special happens at the Irish National Stud from February until June. You know those graceful racehorses whose thundering hooves have pound across these plains for centuries. This is where life begins for many, in February at the Irish National Stud.

Mark Gillespie shares his tasting notes for Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

I bought a bottle of Green Spot at Dublin Duty Free and fell in love. Relatively unknown, for years, whiskey lovers spoke of a mysterious Irish Whiskey that could generally be found only in Ireland. Green Spot is a single pot still Irish Whiskey that was created by Mitchell & Son, the legendary Dublin wine and whiskey merchant.