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The atmosphere, the sights, the sounds and tastes of India are so diverse that first time visitors can be overwhelmed by the intensity of the experience.  From crowded cities to tranquil beaches, to bustling bazars, to five star hotels, to the magnificent beauty of a sunrise in the Himalayas, India embodies every superlative used to describe it.  A land rich in history, art, music and culture - India cannot be imagined – it must be seen and experienced first hand.     MORE


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India’s 7,000 km of coastline offers some of the best beaches in the world. And there are so many to choose from. The diversity of landscape means each coastal state can offer the discerning visitor something unique. From serene and tranquil, to rolling, pounding surf, India has sun, sand and sea to suit every preference.  So pack your swimming gear, grab your sunscreen and head for the beach of your choice. MORE


One for every day of the year
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India has more holidays celebrated with festivals than any other country in the world. In fact, India has more festivals than there are days in the year. Most celebrations are religious as every major world faith is practiced in India, with Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism all having originated there.   MORE


The Cuisine of India
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The 29 states of India enjoy varied landscapes, cultural influences and religious traditions, so it is no wonder that one type of food cannot define the country.  However, no matter where you travel in this large and magnificent country, the delightful aromas of regional cuisines will tempt your taste buds and please your eye.  So, let us take you on tasty tour of India as just a start to your experience of the diverse and delicious cuisine. MORE


Hop a flight
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Getting there from here has never been easier.  Air Canada, Jet Airways and Air France/KLM offer direct flights from Canadian gateways to Delhi and connections are available on a number of airlines including Air India, United, Emirates and Etihad. MORE


Up close and personal in India
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Two award winning journalists were recently in India and each returned awed and overwhelmed by the experience.  India has a huge impact on visitors. It defies expectations - and for true travellers- it never disappoints. A first visit is simply the start of a love affair, and to return home is only the beginning of preparations for the next trip. Join Cindy-Lou Dale and Ilona Kauremszky on their travels through India and share their wonder and delight at this diverse and unique country and its people. MORE