16 APR 2018: Even though Royal Caribbean Cruise Line once again has bragging rights with its newest ship, there isn’t much emphasis on the fact it’s the largest in the world. Instead, the first impression of Symphony of the Seas is that they’ve managed to pack in more experiences than ever while making the ship feel remarkably intimate.

Like a comfortable small town, Symphony’s walkable and has recognizable landmarks and districts—the Promenade mall, Central Park, Boardwalk amusement zone, entertainment district and restaurants catering to a range of tastes. After a little exploring you can find favourite places to call your own and do as little or as much as you care to each day.

Here’s a first impression of what’s new:

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Immen 03 APR

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Wallace Immen

Wallace Immen is executive editor of our cruise partner The Cruisington Times and a well-known and much respected writer. 

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