T here’s something very calming about strolling through nature and admiring all the sights of the vegetation and the sounds of wildlife. Those keen on embracing getting closer to nature will find Panama to be an ideal secluded paradise perfect for discovering beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife. Plus, you can take advantage of numerous Sunwing Experiences to experience the best of Panama’s nature, and learn interesting facts about its history and culture from your local destination expert and guide. Here are a few ways to see the best of Panama’s natural landscape and more.  

A charming village called El Valle

Surrounded by volcanic caldera that’s existed for millennia, El Valle is a quaint little town that has served as a favourite spot for Panama’s locals and is known as the oldest human-occupied volcanic site in the world. The lush natural landscape remains is the star of the show here so be sure to bring that camera to capture beautiful panoramic shots of the mountains and swooping valleys. There’s also plenty of options for to experience the village and its beautiful surrounded: visitors can hop on a bike, ride a horse or simply take a leisurely stroll to the waterfalls, mud baths, a zoo, museum, farmer’s market and much more. Because it’s a hub for local produce, the restaurants there serve delicious dishes made from the freshest ingredients—no fast food here! However, you can treat yourself at the local ice cream parlour or indulge in savoury homemade pizza.

Bird watch in Soberania National Park

Near the banks of the Panama Canal and only 25km from Panama City, this lush and beautiful national park covers over 55,000 acres and is recognized to be a popular spot for bird watchers as over 525 different bird species can be found here. As you stroll through its trails you’ll likely encounter various species in addition to numerous colourful birds; the park is also home to capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, green iguanas and more. Visitors can also explore La Cruces Trail, an historical trail that dates back to the 16th century where the Spanish used it to transport gold. In fact, parts of the trail are still lined with old stones that once marked its original path. You can easily experience all this beautiful park features while staying at Gamboa Rainforest Resort which is located directly on the Panama Canal in the park. You can partake in exhilarating eco-tours like ziplining, night safaris, kayaking across the Canal and much more.

Sail across Gatun Lake

Part of the Panama Canal, Gatun Lake is a man-made lake built between 1906 and 1914 to support the operation of the Panama Canal. Today, it also serves as a way to preserve the bio-diversity of the surrounding jungle as its abundant with diverse wildlife from monkeys to exotic birds. Travellers can partake in a number of boat tours and excursions to discover Gatun Lake, and take various stops along the way to visit Monkey’s Island, go kayaking and fishing, and take a dip in a natural spring. Plus, as you exit the Canal to get to the lake, you’ll likely see giant vessels carrying shipping containers.

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