12 MAR 2018: According to an article in the Toronto Star on Sunday, several Canadian commercial airlines have been flagged by government inspectors for non-compliance in areas of “safety oversight” and “training, awareness and competence.”

The Star says it obtained surveillance reports for Jazz, WestJet, WestJet Encore and Sunwing.

The government reportedly assessed the airlines’ internal safety management systems (SMS), intended to flag risks before they become safety problems. “The non-compliance found in the reports relates to the airlines’ own safety monitoring systems, not the safety of the planes themselves.” (our italics)

The Star said the reports contain little detail about the specific problems found by inspectors.

Transport Canada says the country has one of the safest, most secure air transportation systems in the world and the airlines all issued statements attesting their dedication to safety as a priority and noted that they have since corrected any problem identified during inspections.

The Star also reported that Air Transat, Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge, “are currently in federal court trying to prevent the government from releasing the audit reports of their safety management systems. An Air Transat spokesperson said the records contain competitive information and their disclosure could provide unfair insight into their operations.

“In Air Canada’s court filings, the airline’s managing director of corporate safety, Samuel Elfassy, warned that the technical documents could be misconstrued without proper context, causing the airline’s reputation to be unfairly damaged.”


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