T here's more to Manzanillo than basking on the sand under banana palms (though you can do that too!) This Pacific coastal city is known as the "Sailfish Capital of the World"-and with good reason. Manzanillo's abundant waters drawn keen anglers and water sports enthusiasts alike. And when you book through Sunwing, you'll have access to a host of Sunwing Experiences led by local destination experts.

Deep sea fishing
Pack your fishing reels and charter a local boat to try your luck deep sea fishing. Manzanillo hosts international and national fishing competitions, including the Dorsey Tournament for 50 years. So whether you're an expert at fishing or a beginner, you'll be able to charter a boat with a local company and cast a line in the open water offshore. If you're lucky, you may reel in a Sailfish, Marlin or Dorado under the guide of an experienced crew. While you're out there, you may encounter dolphins swimming by. There's ample opportunity to sample local sea food in one of Manzanillo's local cafes. There, you can indulge in colima ceviche, the town's signature dish.

Manzanillo is an ideal adventure destination for watersport enthusiasts. Whether you're a scuba diver or prefer snorkelling, there's plenty of underwater adventure to be found in the in idyllic tropical waters. Manzanillo's beautiful coast is teaming with natural coral and fish. Snorkellers won't want to miss The Aquarium, a 10,000-year-old reef that is only three to seven feet under the surface of the water. Close to the La Boquita, the protected reef is home to a diverse range of living coral and fish.

Also, the San Luciano is a popular wreck dive site that has become home to a variety of marine life, such as octopus, huge puffer fish, and aquatic plants. Surfers will want to check out Cuyutlan, just southeast of the city. The area boasts some of the country's best waves for surfing, while its black sand beach is uniquely comprised of volcanic rock.

Tee off
After a day on the seas, find your land legs again with a round of golf at one of Manzanillo's golf courses. Beautiful green courses are scattered around the coastal town and visitors who stay at the at award-winning luxury resort Las Hadas by Brisas on the shores of Manzanillo Bay can take advantage of the on-site 18-hole golf course (named on the Top 100 Golf Courses Around the World by Conde Nast Traveler). One of the most popular is the Isla Navidad Golf Course on the Navidad lagoon. The facility offers an impressive 27-hole course, or tee off at the El Corazón Golf Club.

Whether you're passionate about watersports and fishing, or this is your first time casting a rod or swinging a golf club, there's plenty to of activities to enjoy along Manzanillo's beautiful Pacific coast. Plus, Sunwing can easily get you there with numerous weekly flights available coast to coast.


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