W hile many vacationers seek out the beach to soak up the sun and watch the waves, tropical oases such as Manzanillo in Mexico are home to incredible beaches and so much more. For the travellers seeking the 'more' in their vacation, there's an adventure for everyone to experience. And when you book through Sunwing, you'll have access to a host of Sunwing Experiences led by local destination experts.

For adventure-seekers
Adventure seekers can experience the thrill of an ATV ride through rugged mountain terrain surrounded by lush vegetation, or feel the wind and soak in the beautiful views of Manzanillo's twin bays as they head for the top of the "Bull Mountain," known as Cerro del Toro. Bring the camera to capture a selfie once you arrive at the top and take in the view of the majestic Colima volcanoes.

For history buffs
Discover the area's capital, Colima, where you can visit a 17th Century Hacienda, the stunning Ex-Hacienda de Nogueras, and explore the Colima Museum. The cultural adventure continues with a savory Mexican lunch, while you listen to the rhythms of authentic mariachi music. Sample the local drink, the "flavored ponche" and check out the gravity-defying magnetic hill.

For nature lovers
As well as being the 'Sailfish Capital of the World,' this area is known for its natural beauty. Embark on a tour to discover Manzanillo's stunning countryside and the quaint town of Cuyutlan, and where you can learn about their history in salt production at the Salt Museum.

Don't miss the Ecological Turtle camp. Dedicated to preserving endangered local species, you'll learn about the sea turtles that arrive every season. If you're in luck, you may even be able to see baby turtles make their journey out to sea. From there, climb a small boat and take a ride through the mangroves of Cuyutlan Lagoon, searching for wildlife in its natural habitat.

For culture vultures
One of the joys of travelling is discovering a new town or city - as well as picking up handcrafted souvenirs. Take an excursion into Manzanillo and get to know it's beauty and warmth, as you explore the streets and alleys. Look out for the town's symbolic Pez Vela (sailfish) and enjoy shopping for local products and handcrafted items. Manzanillo's Centro Historico, or historic centre, was recently refurbished with pedestrian walkways making it a wonderful place to explore boutiques, local bars and cafes. There, you can indulge in colima ceviche, the town's signature dish.

Regardless of your interests and needs, you're sure to discover a fascinating adventure, tour or excursion experience along the Pacific coast of Manzanillo.



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