14 JUL 2017: The video of security officers dragging Dr. David Dao off United Airlines Flight 3411 on April 9 received global attention and triggered anger. It also triggered a change in policy, as Chicago aviation officials recently advised that airport officers are no longer considered law enforcement officers and the Chicago city police would handle aircraft and airport disturbances in the future.

Chicago Department of Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans said in a report that the actions of the security officers were unacceptable, and has called for updated training for them.

Evans has also requested the removal of the word ‘police’ on their uniforms and vehicles, stating, "Their role is to perform security functions, not policing functions."

A change to the city’s security manual would remove “out-dated policies, procedures and protocols” for security personnel.

In May, Evans told a US Senate commerce subcommittee that the handling of Dao was "deeply saddening and personally offensive."

Four aviation security officers were placed on administrative leave immediately after the incident.

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