19 MAY 2017: A tourism guide published by the Newfoundland and Labrador government contained an error whereby some operators were half a star short of their actual evaluation by the Canada Select rating system.

The misprint was in 100,000 copies of the brochure and affected about 50% of the operators.

Chris Mitchelmore, tourism minister called the error “unfortunate” in Tuesday’s House of Assembly but advised that the website reflected the correct ratings.

The CBC reports that Mitchelmore said that less people rely on print brochures as check for ratings online (such as through TripAdvisor) for travel accommodations.

By the time the brochure came out many of the lodgings were already booked for the coming tourism season.

Premier Dwight Ball also commented in the House of Assembly, "I spent Saturday in Gros Morne National Park talking to operators in that area. There was no concern … All indications are that the tourism industry will see significant increases this year," he said.

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