18 MAY 2017:To celebrate the launch of its Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina on its transatlantic flights, Air Transat surprised some 350 passengers on board its Airbus A330 to Paris this week by treating them to an exclusive dish from its new Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina. On board was Chef Vézina himself, as well as Air Transat president-general manager, Jean-François Lemay.

“This partnership is a wonderful addition that allows us to take the inflight experience to new heights, in both Club and Economy Class,” Lemay explained to the passengers. “But it’s also an important union between two companies that are committed to offering the best to their clients.”

“I’m elated to be the first Quebec chef to create inflight gourmet meals,” exclaims Vézina.

“The positive reaction of passengers inspires me to continue this adventure with great enthusiasm. Their happiness is the main motivation behind my partnership with Air Transat.”

“Travellers are more and more demanding and want access to higher quality services,” says Pierre-Paul Pharand, vice-president, Airport Operations, Infrastructure and Air Services Development at Aéroport de Montréal.

“That’s what we strive for at the airport, and we are pleased to shine a light on how Air Transat is addressing this issue.”

The Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina has been available as of May 1 to all Club Class passengers. Vézina’s signature dishes have been available to Economy Class passengers for $25 as of May 1 on transatlantic flights and are served with a cheese plate, dessert and glass of wine. The Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina will also be offered to Economy Class passengers on flights to the South as of July 1.

The dishes available for the 2017 summer season are:

• Chicken ragout with lemon zest and seasonal vegetables

• Duck confit lasagna with spinach and a sherry and foie gras emulsion

• Braised leg of lamb with spices, maple syrup and Indian vegetable curry

• Sweet potato gnocchi with red wine bolognese, spinach pesto and Parmesan shavings

• Vegetarian moussaka with grilled vegetables, creamed goat cheese, tomato and red pepper coulis

• Vegan risotto with rice cream, red pepper coulis and diced root vegetables with fennel

The meals created by Daniel Vézina, which will change over the seasons, can be pre-ordered on Air Transat’s website or by calling the Booking Centre.




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