20 APR 2017: Los Angeles tourism is getting political with its latest campaign with the message 'We welcome everyone.' Discover Los Angeles will market the message in Mexico, Canada, China, Australia and the UK and promote it across social media channels. (Video)  

"Our campaign is going out to reinforce that our arms are wide open. Keep the bad guys out, but we want people to know we're open for business," Discover Los Angeles CEO Ernest Wooden said.

Donald Trump's two travel orders on January 27 and March 6, which were both blocked, have created a sense that the US is less welcoming to tourists, even those that would not be affected by a ban.

"The word ban resonates around the world. It's not the specifics of the ban itself and the people that it's impacting, but it's the signal that it sends to world travellers who are contemplating visiting the United States. It accumulates," Wooden said.



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