03 JUL 2014: Here’s why Charlie (the Jack Russell) drives (well, gets driven) rather than flies anywhere. Officials say a dog chewed its way out of a cargo kennel at Los Angeles International Airport, ran across two runways and briefly delayed two flights before it was captured.

Airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles told the Los Angeles Times that the large brown boxer made its escape while it was being loaded on a flight to Paris.

Castles says the dog bolted across two north runways before being captured by airport personnel in a ditch near LAX's north perimeter fence.

The incident briefly delayed an arriving flight and a departing flight.

Castles says the dog's owner had left on a flight earlier Tuesday and was probably unaware that his pet had escaped.

You might remember Vivi the prize winning whippet at the Westminster Dig Show in New York. Vivi became the poster child of lost dogs when she escaped and disappeared into the marshes at JFK in 2006. There have been reported sightings but Vivi has never been caught.

Image: Charlie on his travels,

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